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Whats the chances of seeing the Aurora?

As long as the weather is clear, and the solar activity is good Skibotn is the best place to see the northern lights. With very little light pollution, you dont have to go far from the hotel to have the perfect viewing conditions.

Can we book trips with you?

We book Northern lights chase, and Sami culture experiences directly. All other tours are booked with third party partners, we can provide you with transport and assist you to book these tours, however we do not guarantee them in any way.

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What happens if our tour is cancelled for any reason?

This almost never happens, however if your trip is booked through any of our third party partners you will need to contact them for a refund. We of course will help you if we can, and we can assist you to find another activity that you can enjoy.

What should we bring with us?

It goes without saying winter in the Arctic is cold! If your taking a trip Sept-May dress in warm, waterproof clothing with plenty of layers. Don’t forget to pack something to drink, and snacks if they are not included, and of course your camera!

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